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Contrary to what many believe or have been told, “Brain washed”, there exists TODAY cost effective “Natural/Sustainable methods” for farming and growing larger and more nutritious food crops, without having to overuse harsh synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides, which tend to pollute and poison our air, water, soils and our overall environment.  It is past time that we all start taking a proactive approach when purchasing food for our families.  Far too long we have relied on information and test results accumulated by PhD’s whose research and education has been financed and supported by big pharmaceutical and/or synthetic chemical fertilizer companies. It is past time we open our eyes to see exactly just how damaging these groups are adversely affecting our lives and our planet.
Curse of Nitrogen

United Nations Quote of the Week “Organic Farming Can Feed World, Save Climate”

BELIEVE WHAT YOU WILL, but we have been doing exactly this 
since 1996 worldwide with the irrefutable principles of nature

One of many answers:  MicroSoil®’s Life Enriching Agriculture Products

Every year hundreds of millions of dollars are donated to universities and testing facilities for research and development studies involving high tech methods to solve todays various environmental problems i.e., water purification, wastewater cleanup (industrial & municipal), enhancing the quality and quantity of crop production, soil and desert reclamation, to help clean up our environment.  However, many of these studies conclude that the results of their efforts are inconclusive and they need more money to do further research?

No doubt that new research, and utilizing  the best minds  and new revolutionary technologies, is needed, however, please do not overlook an area that could begin helping poor countries in just 60-90 days and this is using EXISTING PROVEN PRODUCTS AND technologIES that are readily available and have been used for hundreds of years throughout the world.  I am amazed by the amount of grant money being donated to solve problems that are resolvable by simply using only nature’s own methods and processes. 

Most of these issues are really not complicated at all and they do not need extensive research to resolve.  As stated above, products and simple procedures are available NOW, that can be in place and be implemented within 60-90 days anywhere in the world.  They also can create thousands of jobs, as most require minimal training.  Our highly concentrated raw materials (Synergistic Catalysts) can easily be shipped into any country, then simply diluted with WATER.  Blending and bottling operations also can be set up locally for processing and convenience, if required.  When these products are used along with local natural resources of organic and inorganic materials the costs can be defrayed substantially.  

From the above, it appears to be quite evident that our products, concepts and growing methods we advocate do not require millions of dollars to study or research to validate. Mother Earth has been using these methods and materials since the beginning of time.  We, call them our “LOW TECH ~ HIGH PERFORMANCE” Synergistic Catalysts.

In short, we have a very cost-effective and simple way to help everyone, from the large commercial growers to the impoverished. Using MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products and our TailorMade® Fertilization Program and our farming methods for a cleaner and healthier eco-system from the top of the mountains all the way to the oceans.

If you feel that any of the above has any merit for your corporation, foundation, group or customers, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your needs.
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