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MicroSoil® Life Enriching Agriculture Products               
Above and Beyond Organics

Totally control any growing medium with our MicroSoil® family of products, which provide all of the natural occurring nutrients required for optimum plant growth and nutrient values, while at the same time, balancing the soil's energy and synergistically complementing  nature's natural rhythms and  processes, which is the foundation for soil health and a productive and profitable agricultural business and home gardening.

Results you can expect when using MicroSoil®
* Naturally helps retards unwanted plant diseases, molds & fungi
* Increased quality and quantity of crop yield – up to 30%
* 25% to 50% reduction in use of chemical fertilizers in first year
* Reduce Fertilizer costs by 25% to 40%
* Builds Massive Root Systems
* Increased Profits for Growers
* Increased organic matter & soil fertility

* Helps to balance the pH factor of the soil
* Optimizes maturation of crops
* Increased BRIX (Nutrient Uptake Values)
* Increased number of blossoms
* Increases Aroma in Flowers & in Crops
* Lush green foliage = Elevated Photosynthesis

♦ ALL NATURAL ♦ Non Toxic ♦ Non Hazardous
100% Safe for all living things People Plants  Pets         

Home  Garden & Farming

One year supply 
8 oz. bottle for (4) four applications
Once every 3 months  
Mix (2) oz. of MicroSoil® into 2 gallons of water and apply (spray) onto any 5,000 sq. ft. area
Cost $20.00 including shipping & handling

                One Liter Size:
                For one application onto total area of 2.5 acres
               Mix (1) liter into 25 gallons of water and spray on per                             instructions on any plant, food crop, field or orchards
                Cost $60.00 including shipping & handlingXXX